Tokenization: Crypto’s Most Compelling Use Case

April 17, 2023
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Landshare Team

When someone thinks of cryptocurrency, the first things that come to mind are usually Bitcoin, NFTs, meme coins, or yield farming. Despite the public attention and large sums of money directed toward these applications of the technology, many in the financial sector believe that the most compelling use case is something less widely known — tokenization.

Tokenization is the process of converting an off-chain asset to a token, which becomes the on-chain representation of that asset. Tokenization can be used to fractionalize illiquid assets such as real estate or simply to allow the for the asset to be traded, transferred, or leveraged on the blockchain.

While tokenization is still a new concept, there are a growing number of banks, hedge funds, and governments starting to take notice. In November 2022, J.P. Morgan, DBS Bank and SBI Digital Asset Holdings used on-chain protocols to exchange tokenized government bonds. Following suit, Israel recently announced their intention to begin testing tokenized government bonds as well.

These programs may simply be the tip of the iceberg — there is widespread belief that tokenization may soon disrupt real estate, stock trading, and global commodity markets. But why would traditional financial systems be upended and replaced with tokenization? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons tokenization is viewed as one of the most promising use cases for the blockchain.

Disruption of traditional securities markets

All marketplaces have one goal in common — to become more efficient. Despite this, security markets still rely on an archaic network of banks, brokers, transfer agents, clearing houses, market makers, and more. While many aspects of the process have been digitized and streamlined, the underlying structure remains unchanged from what has been in place for decades. Because of all the moving parts, fees are often high and the transfer of funds in and out of the brokerage can take several days. This is why many, including Blackrock CEO Larry Fink, believe that tokenization is the next logical step for marketplaces to take.

At a recent event, Fink stated that “the next generation for markets, the next generation for securities, will be tokenization of securities.” He went on to say that tokenization can provide “instantaneous settlement” and “reduced fees” by leveraging the blockchain’s distributing ledger system. In addition, the open nature of the blockchain means that trades are transparent, trustless, and the need for intermediaries is largely eliminated.

Fractionalization and digitization of real estate

Buying, selling or transferring real estate requires the need of middlemen, title companies, and lawyers to manage paperwork or act as an escrow between you and a buyer. The system used to buy and sell real estate is largely unchanged from decades ago, relying on a series of manual processes that incur fees at each step.

Tokenization can be used to easily fractionalize, securitize, and trade traditionally illiquid assets such as real estate. Turning a real estate asset or development project into easily marketable securities is traditionally only achievable through high-fee brokerages or other investment portals. Tokenization makes this process far easier — fractional real estate securities can be issued on a public blockchain instead, meaning lower minimum investments, access to a global base of investors, and the ability to create a secondary market using smart contracts.

The emerging Tokenized Asset market is currently only valuated at roughly $0.6 billion, but due largely to the potential shown by tokenized real estate, many in the financial sector are bullish on tokenization as a disruptive force. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is estimating asset tokenization will grow by 2500% by 2030, and the World Economic Forum estimates that tokenized markets could “potentially be worth as much as $24 trillion by 2027”.

The tokenization of “everything”

Tokenization is not limited to stocks and real estate. Virtually anything can be tokenized — natural resources, art, collectibles, currencies, and even carbon credits. This means that a digital marketplace consisting of virtually every asset imaginable, all existing on a single network, is a distinct possibility.

In fact, S&P Global executives have stated “we think the tokenization of everything is going to happen.” The ability to trade any asset in a shared digital space would fundamentally change the way global commodity markets work. Precious metals, energy resources, and agricultural products can all be traded on the blockchain’s distributed digital ledger through tokenization, with instant transfers and settlement anywhere in the world.

Leveraging smart contracts

When assets are tokenized, they exist as on-chain tokens utilizing existing standards such as ERC-20. Put simply, they can interact with smart contracts and DeFi protocols like any native crypto asset. Many crypto-savvy readers may be familiar with loan protocols, staking contracts, perpetual futures trading, and decentralized liquidity pools. When traditional assets are tokenized, they can interact with these protocols — creating brand new investment strategies and streamlining complex transactions.

This is far from a hypothetical use case — as part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Project Guardian, borrow/lend smart contracts utilizing on-chain verification were used to carry out foreign exchange transactions without the need for intermediaries. In one transaction, 10.4 million JPY (roughly $70,000) was transferred with a transaction fee of only $0.03 USD.

Closing thoughts

Key players around the globe are all in agreement — asset tokenization is the future of marketplaces. While some firm’s estimations are loftier than others, it is important to view how these firms are forming their estimates. The World Economic Forum notes that if only 10% of the world’s GDP is tokenized, its market cap would climb to $24 trillion. The Boston Consulting Group agrees with the WEF, noting that the value of tokenized assets could surpass $16 trillion by 2030 if even a fraction of the world’s GDP is tokenized.

The varying projections each firm has comes down to a matter of opinion. Yet, there is widespread belief that adoption will happen; the only point of disagreement is how quickly it will happen. As the world becomes increasingly digital, it stands to reason that traditional systems will look to transition to digitally-native infrastructures. With tokenization, you can transform anything into a trustless, instantaneous, liquid, and fractional asset.

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February 27, 2024
February 27, 2024

Landshare Development Update — February 27th, 2024

In this update, we highlight upcoming integrations with several amazing projects across the RWA Space.

Landshare Team

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest Development Update! It’s been a little over 2 months since we released the Landshare RWA Token, our most ambitious platform update yet. This update was the result of several months of hard work from the whole team, but we knew it only represented the first step in building the tokenized real estate ecosystem that we envision for Landshare.

After the successful launch, we immediately started thinking about what we needed to accomplish next to continue moving Landshare. As a result, we crafted 4 Core Priorities for 2024:

  • Increased accessibility & integration: Making it easier to access Landshare’s core features; providing additional value through new partnerships and listings
  • Visibility & Community Engagement: Spreading the word about Landshare; leveraging the power of our community to assist in those efforts; creating opportunities for the community to provide direct and actionable feedback
  • Feature development & app improvements: Continuing to build upon and improve our existing features; developing new features which improve the usability and utility of the LAND and LSRWA Tokens; identifying and fixing bugs
  • Property expansion & diversification: Seeking new opportunities in the real estate space; providing RWA Holders with a diversified and expanded property investment pool

Each of our 4 Core Priorities are represented in our Q1-Q2 Roadmap:

In this update, we’re putting a special spotlight on our upcoming partnerships and integrations with several amazing projects across the RWA Space. We also have a major update on one of our top initiatives to improve platform accessibility, some new DAO proposals, and a new quality-of-life update about to go live.

Finally, we have an important update for all users and traders.

Let’s dive in!

Card payments

Rapid onboarding is paramount to a deeper level of engagement with the platform, and one of the biggest hurdles to new users is funding gas tokens for a DEX swap or signing up for a new exchange account. As a result, credit card payment options have been on our radar for a very long time.

As part of our 2024 Roadmap, we’re finalizing an agreement with a trusted crypto payment processor to finally enable credit and debit card payment options for our platform! This integration will enable eligible users to purchase up to $500 in LAND directly from the website or app, eliminating one of the most common barriers for new users.

The card payment option is expected to go live next week and will initially support only the LAND Token. However, we’re also working to enable LSRWA purchases through the same process. Stay tuned!

Dark Mode

After many requests from the community and a successful DAO vote, we’ll be adding a dark mode option to the app in the coming days. To enable dark mode, scroll to the bottom of the page and move the slider to the nighttime position when the update goes live.

New DAO Proposal: Referral System

A new proposal has hit the Landshare DAO, designed to create a referral system for Landshare RWA Tokens. Here is a summary of the proposal:

Why should we implement a Referral System?
As we strive to enhance user engagement and expand our user base, it’s essential to leverage the power of referrals, because this is one of the best Marketing Tools that exist. One other Positive is, that you only pay for the Marketing when the user did the Action — in this case, he buys the $LSRWA-Token.
How exactly could that work?
Im thinking about a PPL (Pay Per Lead) Programme, where the refferer is reffering a new user to buy $LSRWA-Tokens. The referrer would then be rewarded after the reffered person held the $LSRWA Token some time (1–6 Months perhaps). This additional Time is neccessary to frontrun abuse of the System.
We could also give the referred Person a little benefit (discount, NFT, whatever) for his 1st Purchase, after he held some time, to make the System even more attractive.
How to finance?
This could be financed by a part of the normally burned Land Tokens (of every buy) for example. Instead of burning the full 10% of $LAND of a Buy, we could just burn 7,5% and the remaining 2,5% goes to the refferer as a reward.

Click here to read the full proposal and cast your vote. If passed, the team will construct a refined version of the proposal for the Quarterly DAO Vote at the end of Q1.

Upcoming Integrations

Over the past several months, we have been in discussions with dozens of amazing projects in the emerging RWA space. We always seek new opportunities to expand our product accessibility, utility, and visibility through integrations and partnerships. In this section, we’ll be covering a few of our future integrations, but as always — there’s more to come!

Chainlink CCIP

The future of markets is on the blockchain, and the future of blockchain is cross-chain. It is more important than ever to develop applications that are seamlessly interoperable across multiple blockchain networks. We envision the Landshare RWA Token as a DeFi-integrated, omni-chain asset for the tokenized future.

The first step in this process is the integration of Chainlink CCIP, a secure blockchain interoperability protocol built by Chainlink Labs. CCIP enables seamless cross-chain token transfers and allows us to craft a multi-chain ecosystem. When fully integrated, most or all features available on BSC will also be available on all other supported chains.

Once implementation is complete, CCIP will allow us to build partnerships and integrations with virtually any project across the RWA Space, improving the utility and accessibility of our core features. Integrations are one of our 4 Core Priorities for the year, and CCIP is the crucial first step to unlocking these opportunities.

Plume Network

Plume is the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated to all real-world assets (RWAs) that directly integrates asset tokenization and compliance providers into the chain.

We recently had a Twitter Space with Plume’s co-founder, Teddy, and have had additional discussions with the Plume Network team behind the scenes. We are excited about their vision and are planning to build on the Plume Network as part of our broader cross-chain strategy.

Plume is still in the Testnet phase, but we are looking forward to building with them all the way to the Mainnet launch. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding this partnership soon!

IX Swap

IX Swap is an RWA platform that offers trading solutions akin to Uniswap for Real-World Assets (RWA) & Security Tokens (STO). This is precisely the type of product we feel is necessary for the development of a vibrant RWA ecosystem, so we knew IX Swap was a perfect fit.

Initially, we will be collaborating with IX Swap for Twitter Spaces and other activities to spread the word about the RWA narrative and how DeFi primitives like decentralized exchanges (DEX) can help craft a tokenized economy for the future. Later this year, we plan a full integration, including LSRWA integration into the IX Swap ecosystem. Ticker Change will be changing our token symbol from LAND to LANDSHARE and plans to take the deposit, withdrawal and trading services for Landshare (LAND) offline, including spot trading, quantitative trading, and liquidity mining on February 28, 2024, 06:00 A.M. UTC. After the renaming is completed, Landshare will be relisted with the new token symbol LANDSHARE.

This renaming is merely a change in name and does not involve any blockchain migration. users don’t need to do anything in particular. To read the full announcement post from Gate, click here.

Closing Thoughts

To wrap up this development update, we want to sincerely thank our community for their continued support and enthusiasm. The past few months have been incredibly productive, and our upcoming integrations will take us one step closer to a fully realized tokenized real estate ecosystem.

We also understand that many members are eagerly awaiting news about new exchange listings and other developments not mentioned in this post. Rest assured, we are working hard to deliver the entire roadmap in the expected time frame and will have more information to share in future updates.

Last but not least, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new community members! We’ve seen some exceptional growth in recent weeks and expect to see this trend continue as the RWA narrative continues to gain momentum. If you’re new or have been away for a while, be sure to check out our guides to learn about all the ways you can earn with Landshare’s ecosystem:

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our Telegram group or other social media channels. Remember — your participation and feedback are vital to the success of Landshare!

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December 28, 2023
December 28, 2023

Landshare Roadmap: Q1-Q2 2024

Learn more about our plans for 2024, including new features and listings.

Landshare Team

As the year winds down, we’re immensely grateful to our dedicated community members, collaborators, partners, and everyone who has worked with us as pioneers in the RWA space. 2023 was a year to remember for Landshare, and we have even bigger ambitions for 2024!

In this article, we’re capping off 2023 by celebrating the year’s top achievements, outlining our core priorities going forward, and providing a detailed roadmap for the first half of 2024. Let’s dive in!

2023 Highlights

Tokenized House Flip

Early this year, we completed the first ever tokenized house flip, netting a 10%+ ROI in just a few months for our participants. In this process, we transformed a distressed property into something brand new, drastically increasing the property value. You can read about the renovation from start to finish in our Follow the Flip series.

Landshare DAO

This year also marked the launch of the Landshare DAO, which puts high-level decisions into the hands of LAND holders through a decentralized governance model. With this feature, LAND holders can control token emissions, staking rewards, treasury funds, and launch marketing initiatives autonomously.

To learn more about the Landshare DAO and how you can help shape the future of Landshare, be sure to check out our Deep Dive article and the Landshare Docs.

Real World Explorers

At the end of September, we launched an extensive community incentive program with a prize pool of 35,000 LAND tokens. During this period, we achieved 2.5 million impressions on social media, gained 1200 new token holders, received over 3000 registrations on the DS Dashboard, and welcomed several thousand new followers on X and Telegram community members.

This Friday, December 29th, we officially conclude the Zealy Sprint, marking the completion of the Real World Explorers program. The top 215 leaderboard participants will receive delightful New Year gifts from a 4,000 LAND prize pool.

We thank each explorer for their contributions and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share what we have in store for the Landshare Shill Army.

Landshare RWA Token

To finish 2023 with a bang, we released our most ambitious update yet — the Landshare RWA Token!

With this new token, we’ve fundamentally reimagined our tokenization model, establishing a simple and secure way to gain exposure to real estate directly on-chain. Along with the new Token, we’ve introduced on-chain property valuations via Chainlink, new secondary trading market options, a UI/UX overhaul, and substantial improvements to the NFT ecosystem.

For more information about the RWA Token Update, be sure to check out the following resources:

2024 Roadmap

With the final days of 2023 ticking away, we’re setting our sights on the agenda for the new year. We have established 4 Core Priorities for 2024, each of which will guide our decisions throughout the year. Our roadmap is built as an extension of these priorities, with each item serving to advance one or more of them.

  • Increased accessibility & integration: Making it easier to access Landshare’s core features; providing additional value through new partnerships and listings
  • Visibility & Community Engagement: Spreading the word about Landshare; leveraging the power of our community to assist in those efforts; creating opportunities for the community to provide direct and actionable feedback
  • Feature development & app improvements: Continuing to build upon and improve our existing features; developing new features which improve the usability and utility of the LAND and LSRWA Tokens
  • Property expansion & diversification: Seeking new opportunities in the real estate space, providing RWA Holders with a diversified and expanded property pool


  • New CEX listing
  • Cross-chain capabilities
  • Landshare Shill Army
  • RWA Token listing on DS Swap
  • Card payments for LAND and RWA Token
  • New property NFTs
  • Dark mode for Landshare App
  • App improvements and bug fixes

Year-long and Ongoing Updates

  • New Properties & Diversification
  • Quarterly DAO Voting for Development Roadmap
  • Regular Community Townhalls
  • Integrations and collaborations with other RWA projects

Over time, we have discovered that the most effective way to increase visibility and engagement with the platform is through grassroots, community driven programs and insightful write-ups from Key Opinion Leaders across multiple platforms. To this end, we’re crafting several new initiatives designed to increase visibility and leverage the power of community.

Landshare Shilling Army

As part of the Real-World Explorer program, we frequently conduct shilling quests where users share information about Landshare, thereby boosting awareness of our updates and events. While this approach has been effective, we recognized the need for a modernized version, and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved with the Shilling Army.

We’re now going beyond mere likes and retweets, delving into more meaningful engagement. We’ve created distinct categories for creatives, influencers, shillers, and a plethora of user-generated content that will be ready to launch in mid-January. More details about this campaign, including information on how to participate and fulfill requirements, will be shared tentatively on January 16. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out.

Key Opinion Leaders

As many influential voices in the crypto space focus in on the RWA narrative, it’s crucial to continue our work with Key Opinion leaders across the crypto space. We are focused on creators who craft well-researched, highly informative content which clearly highlights the benefits of our platform in a way that is accessible to a wide audience.

Landshare DAO Grants

Many of our community members may be familiar with the DAO Grant Program and content creation contests. In 2024, we’ll be doubling down our efforts, engaging community members and up-and-coming content creators to produce high-quality, insightful content across multiple domains.

Next up, we must ensure that the platform’s features are easily accessible and well-integrated with other projects. By breaking down barriers to entry and expanding integrations, we make it easier to get into Landshare and even improve the project’s visibility in the process.

New Exchange Listing

Although decentralized exchanges (DEXes) like Pancakeswap are a backbone of DeFi, many users prefer centralized exchanges as a way to buy and sell tokens. To make it easier for these users to get started with Landshare, we intend to list the LAND token on a new centralized exchange early in the year. This will not only allow us to reach more users, but also improve liquidity and opportunities for existing LAND holders.

Cross Chain Capabilities

As crypto moves to an increasingly multi-chain and cross-chain future, it’s imperative that our platform features are accessible through multiple chains. Cross-chain is one of our top priorities, and has been on the radar for a long time. With our latest platform updates as well as new advancements in cross-chain protocols, we have finally established a clear path towards a multi-chain Landshare ecosystem.

With cross-chain comes multiple benefits, including new partnership opportunities, wider access to platform features, and enhanced security. As one of our top priorities for H1 2024, we will continue to provide updates on the development of this feature, including a deep dive article in the coming weeks.

RWA Token Listing on DS Swap

After taking a major step forward with on-chain valuations [link] and fixed price liquidity for RWA Tokens, we will further expand secondary market options with a DS Swap listing for LSRWA. DS Swap will enable the exchange of LSRWA in an active secondary market, similar to Pancakeswap or Uniswap.

Card payment options

Funding a Web3 wallet like Metamask can be a major hurdle for DeFi newcomers. In order to smooth out the onboarding process, we intend to enable credit and debit card payment options for the LAND Token.

Our development will also be hard at work crafting new features and updates for the Landshare App. In addition to some new features yet to be announced, here are the top priorities for our development team entering in the new year.

NFT Migration & New NFTs

In the very near future, we will be completing the NFT migration process for existing NFT holders. With the new system, RWA Token Holders will be stack multiple NFTs for a single yield multiplier against their staked RWA Tokens.

Shortly thereafter, we will release our 3rd NFT for the newest Landshare property, LSCH. With this launch will also come a number of promotions and events designed to bring new users into the Landshare NFT ecosystem. With all 3 NFTs in possession, RWA Token holders can earn 40%+ APR in addition to the gains from rental yields and appreciation!

Dark mode for Landshare App

Dark mode has been a commonly requested feature and was passed via DAO proposal with an 81% vote. Accordingly, we will be launching this feature for the Landshare App early in the year.

App Improvements

Our recent Bug Bounty produced some excellent reports and feedback from the community. Our development team will be hard at work fixing existing bugs and making improvements to the Landshare App based on the feedback provided.

Multi-chain functionality for existing features

Bringing LAND and LSRWA to multiple chains is beneficial unto itself, but far less valuable if key features like staking, governance, and NFTs are not available on those other chains as well. As part of our cross-chain strategy, we will be working to ensure each of our core features has seamless cross chain interoperability, so whether you’re on BSC or another network, everything will work exactly the same.

Quarterly DAO Voting

The Landshare DAO has received several feature requests, and we want to create a streamlined way for LAND Holders to have a direct impact on the development roadmap. Starting at the end of Q1, the development team will assemble all feature requests from the DAO, as well as other ideas from the team or community, and create a single proposal which allows the community to vote for their top priorities.

Unlike a simple Yes/No proposal, the Quarterly DAO Vote will allow you to distribute your voting power across multiple options, based on how important you feel they are. The development team will then assess the results and use them to prioritize development resources, with the top vote-getters receiving special attention. This is a way for the community to provide direct feedback on our development roadmap and request new features for the platform, and a way for the development team to deliver on the community’s top concerns in a timely manner.

Last but not least, our 4th Core Priority is all about expanding and diversifying the real estate offerings for RWA Token holders. By expanding our selection, we not only reduce risk through diversification but also appeal to a wider range of potential investors.

To this point, we’ve focused on single family rentals and house flips. While we do intend to continue investing in these areas, we will be exploring several new options as well. By expanding our selection, we not only reduce risk through diversification but also appeal to a wider range of potential investors.

Some examples we’re exploring include short-term rentals, multi-unit properties, and mixed-use properties. The new RWA Token model also gives us the flexibility to try different strategies, including fix and hold projects or appreciation plays. Each type of investment comes with its own pros and cons, so we’ll continue to assess the market to find the best fit for our investors.

Closing Thoughts

As the RWA narrative captivates the crypto landscape, our sights are set on a new year marked by extraordinary growth. This roadmap serves as a launchpad for what lies ahead, and we invite you to join us at our Community Town Hall on December 29th at 12 PM CST, and be sure to submit your questions here. Your insights will help shape the future, so let’s unite and propel Landshare to new heights in 2024 — our biggest year yet!

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December 21, 2023
December 21, 2023

Landshare RWA Token: Utilities and Tokenomics

Learn more about Landshare's real estate-backed token, LSRWA

Landshare Team

The RWA Token is a brand-new real estate token coming soon to the Landshare ecosystem. Backed by a variety of yield generating real estate assets, the RWA Token streamlines and simplifies investment for all types of users! With easy entry, healthy liquidity, and additional utilities, the RWA Token embodies what real estate on the blockchain should look like.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the tokenomics, utilities, and inner workings of this new system. If you’re new to Landshare or would like to learn more about the RWA Token as whole, please read our Feature Preview article for all of the details.

What are the utilities of the RWA Token?

Upon launch of the RWA Token update, the Landshare ecosystem will feature two different tokens: the Landshare Token (LAND) and the Landshare RWA Token (LSRWA). Each token serves a different role in the ecosystem.

The LAND Token is the platform governance and utility token, serving as a means of exchange, voting, payment, and access. The RWA Token, on the other hand, is a real estate backed security token that represents the value of RWAs. They are separate but equally important components of Landshare.

In the coming sections, we will be covering the unique utilities of the Landshare RWA Token. To learn more about the platform utility token, LAND, please click here.

Real Estate Backed

Each RWA Token represents a share of a pool of US-based real estate assets. This is made possible through tokenization, which is the process of converting real world assets (RWAs) into tokens on the blockchain. The value of each RWA Token grows proportionally with the value of underlying properties and the cash flow they produce, allowing investors to benefit by simply holding over time.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the RWA Token represents a legally binding share in the property holding company. This means that as an RWA holder, you are entitled to the same legal protections as an investor in a traditional company. This makes the RWA Token a simple and secure way to gain exposure to real estate directly on-chain.

DeFi integrations

Our goal with the RWA Token is to leverage the unique advantages of being an on-chain asset. This includes the ability to trade instantly and automatically with decentralized exchanges (DEXes), and to leverage your investment utilizing other systems, including borrow/lend protocols. In this way, the RWA Token is designed to work like any other DeFi asset.

Landshare NFTs

The existing NFT ecosystem will transition from our existing Asset Token to the new RWA Token. Landshare NFTs allow you to stake RWA Tokens and earn LAND rewards by upgrading and maintaining your virtual property. These rewards stack with what you already earn from the RWAs themselves and are a great way to boost your returns. For more information on the NFT ecosystem, see here.

An Alternative Safe Haven

The Landshare RWA Token offers something for every crypto trader, even if they aren’t interested in real estate investment. Unlike USD stablecoins, the Landshare RWA Token is transparently backed 1:1 by RWAs and can grow in value over time. The asset-backed nature of RWA Tokens means they are not subject to the wild swings commonly seen in the crypto space. In this way, RWA Tokens offer an excellent safe haven for crypto investors.

How do the Tokenomics work?

The RWA Token is designed to maintain a relative peg with the underlying real estate assets it represents. Each RWA Token represents a share of the pool of underlying properties, which also includes the rental income they produce. A simple calculation is used to determine the value of each RWA Token:

RWA Token Value = (Total Property Value + Total Cash Reserves) / Circulating RWA Token Supply

The RWA Token can be bought or sold on the Landshare platform for its underlying value based on the calculation above. This ensures adherence to the value of underlying assets and price stability in secondary markets such as DEX trading.

Now that we understand how the RWA Token’s value is determined, let’s break down each component of the calculation.

Total Property Value

The value of properties is estimated using Corelogic AVM, which utilizes real estate information such as comparable sales, property characteristics, and price trends to provide a current estimate of market value for a specific property. Corelogic AVM is widely used in the real estate industry to estimate the value of properties, including by clients like

The estimated values of each property are added together and automatically brought on-chain via Chainlink Any API and Chainlink Automation. This allows our smart contracts to store the latest price of the properties at all times.

Total Cash Reserves

In addition to property values, the RWA Token will benefit from the rental income generated by properties. Cash reserves may include USD in a bank account or stablecoins on-chain. Similar to property values, every time the cash reserves change, the updated total will be stored on-chain.

Combining total cash reserves and total property value determines the total underlying RWA in the pool, so the final step of the calculation is to determine the value of each individual token.

Circulating RWA Supply

The circulating RWA supply will include all tokens sold to investors. This total does not include unsold tokens from the offering. As tokens are sold from the offering, circulating supply will increase. Meanwhile, the proceeds enter the cash reserves, maintaining equilibrium as supply expands. In some cases, circulating supply may be reduced through redemption events.

Closing Thoughts

A real estate-backed token should look and feel just like any other token on the blockchain. We’ve designed the RWA Token with that in mind — focusing on ease of use, DeFi integration, healthy liquidity, and additional utilities.

The RWA Token will also boost the utility of our existing LAND utility token. Each token serves a complimentary function in the Landshare ecosystem, and both are equally crucial to the functioning of our platform. To read more about the interaction between LAND and the RWA Token, check out our previous Development Update.

We expect to determine a launch window very soon. In the meantime, you can look forward to upcoming events and campaigns to help get the word out about the RWA Token! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Feature Preview article for more information on the RWA Token.

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